Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 2: Countess Markievicz

Honestly, those two idiots are off already trying to outdo each other in the egg laying stakes.  Don't they realise how much energy that takes.  I'm going to try to not lay anything, sit in the box every now and then and cluck and hope Herself the Mammy doesn't spot that I haven't laid anything.

I hope the food improves though, I'm making a stand and not eating those oats.

The wine box nesting boxes, just the touch of class I eggspect

Day 2: Lady Lavery

Still here in our new place.  Anyway, just to annoy that Speranza I spent all morning sitting in the nest box clucking like mad and an hour later out popped an egg. Then the stupid stuck up git, popped into the box after me and laid an egg herself, aaaaargh.

Comment from "Herself the Mammy"

FINALLY got hens.  I went out at lunchtime and when I got back I found an egg, I mean I know the idea was to get eggs but just looking at that first one was like magic.  I don't even want to eat it, I'm afraid I won't get any more or that something will be wrong with it.

Profile: Lady Lavery

Eggsellent laying hen, the first of all three to manage it.
Likes to feel superior but is intimidated by Speranza.
Loves a good scratch in the dust.

Profile: Countess Markievicz

Well I'm a hen obviously, of royal blood and used the the good things in life.
I have some little quirky things, like a crooked beak and a desire to scratch and dig.
My favourite food is slugs.

Three hens, Sperenza, Countess Markievicz and Lady Lavery

Day one: Lady Lavery

Trust me to end up with those two, Speranza the bully with the ostentasious comb and that snobby Countess who has a crooked beak.  Anyway, I got one up on all of them, I knew I would, I knew it would be me and they wouldn't belive me.  So, guess what I did....yep, its was me, the VERY FIRST EGG came from me.  We got to our new house at 1pm and at 3pm I laid an egg.  That really upset those two.  Anyway, it has me worn out and I'm off to bed for the night.

Day one: Countess Markievicz

Honestly, that Speranza, all she does is complain and try to bully people.  Never sees the good side of things or accepts life as an adventure.  So today myself, Speranza and Lady Lavery arrived in the garden of "Herself the Mammy" and set about living in our new quarters "All the single ladies" house at the back of the garden.  Now, as my name suggests I'm an aristocrat and expect to be treated royally.  Accommodation to date had been very lowly but this new place is OK.  It could do with some extending in the future but for now it's fine.

All the single ladies house at the
 back of the garden

So we were hooshed into this new accommodation and my first impression was well they have some taste, our nest boxes were vintage wine crates, very fancy.  We had water available and some food. I must say the food is what let it down, rolled oats.  We have been eating layers pellets and well plain old oats just don't do it for me.  I heard "Herself the Mammy" say it was because the layers pellets had GM soya, well guess what, it's not you that's eating it, its us.  Later on though we got some bread and a head of lettuce, that was good so I set about a plan whereby none of us would eat the oats thus forcing "Herself the Mammy" to provide us with something better. Will have to wait and see if that works.

Profile: Speranza

Speranza, the lady boss with red comb
Hen, hyrbid for laying.

Brown in colour.

I'm the really pretty one so it's easy to pick me out.
I have a red comb that is larger than all the others and I'm happy to flaunt it about.
I'm also more intelligent and have voted myself as the leader of the ladies.

Day one: Speranza

Well it was a really strange day today.  Some days are strange but this one was really strange.  I'm a hen, I used to be a chicken, and before that an egg so I'm told but I don't remember that. Anyway as a hen one day is the same as the next.  We have a big barn to mooch around in, about 400 of us I guess.  Sisters, all the same age.  Anyway, we have food and water and spend the day just hanging out. Until this morning that was.  'Him with the food' arrived in a grabbed about 100 of us and put us into these plastic crates. There was 8 of us in a box and luckily I was with some of my friends.  Then we were lifted into a van and driven for about 30 minutes.  When the van stopped 'Him with the food' opened it, fresh air came in and I looked out and saw people staring in at us.  They handed 'Him with the food' boxes and well I can't believe what happened next. He shoved his hand into the crate and grabbed some of my sisters put them into the boxes and handed them off to the people. 

Can you believe it, he was giving us away, splitting us up and giving us away.

I was terrified, our crate was near the front, close the door I urged him but no he didn't, he kept grabbing hens and putting them into boxes and passing them out to others.  The inevitable happened, our crate was next.  I seen someone looking at me, someone I now know as 'Herself the Mammy' and next I know me and two of my sisters  (nice ones luckily, and two that will do what I tell them to do) were grabbed and put into a cat box.  She took us off, put us into the back of a van and drove off with us.

Well, a strange day it was and the beginning of a new life for the three of us.