Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day one: Speranza

Well it was a really strange day today.  Some days are strange but this one was really strange.  I'm a hen, I used to be a chicken, and before that an egg so I'm told but I don't remember that. Anyway as a hen one day is the same as the next.  We have a big barn to mooch around in, about 400 of us I guess.  Sisters, all the same age.  Anyway, we have food and water and spend the day just hanging out. Until this morning that was.  'Him with the food' arrived in a grabbed about 100 of us and put us into these plastic crates. There was 8 of us in a box and luckily I was with some of my friends.  Then we were lifted into a van and driven for about 30 minutes.  When the van stopped 'Him with the food' opened it, fresh air came in and I looked out and saw people staring in at us.  They handed 'Him with the food' boxes and well I can't believe what happened next. He shoved his hand into the crate and grabbed some of my sisters put them into the boxes and handed them off to the people. 

Can you believe it, he was giving us away, splitting us up and giving us away.

I was terrified, our crate was near the front, close the door I urged him but no he didn't, he kept grabbing hens and putting them into boxes and passing them out to others.  The inevitable happened, our crate was next.  I seen someone looking at me, someone I now know as 'Herself the Mammy' and next I know me and two of my sisters  (nice ones luckily, and two that will do what I tell them to do) were grabbed and put into a cat box.  She took us off, put us into the back of a van and drove off with us.

Well, a strange day it was and the beginning of a new life for the three of us.

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