Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Profile: Simba

Simba drinking water from a seed tray
Hello everyone, I’m a little cat, a little cute cat that is. I was a boy but then they took me to the vet and when I got back I wasn’t a boy any more, just an it. My mammy is “Miss Skinny long legs” and she’s really nice to me. She hugs me, and lets me sneak into the house when “The man who shouts” isn’t around and gives me treats. I like sleeping, and hugs and chasing butterflies and birds. Last week I thought we were getting a new house in the garden. The “Boy with tattoos” was building something and it looked like a new house for me to play in, I kept jumping in a jumping out. But then these three funny 3 new things arrived in it and “Herself the Mammy” keeps going out and feeding them a talking to them. Though she built herself a new bench to sit on and I sneak over to her and curl up with her. They look like the pigeons I try to catch but they are much bigger and don’t seem to fly. The must be nice though cos they are orange ...just like me!!!!

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