Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Picasso: Trouble in the garden

Well, yesterday was an exciting day and ended up with Herself the Mammy getting injured and The Man who shouts wanted to take her to hospital.  It was one of those days when EVERYONE was here. Three cats, three hens and a dog.  Everyone at home including She Who Doesn't Live Her and Him We Haven't Met (who we have now met).  Zara is here sometimes, she also goes to work most days and sometimes stays in the house of Kat with Two Legs.  She is big but still a pup and gets very excited and can escape from everything. Lots of the people brought her out for a walk and when she got back she wanted to eat and then sleep.  The people went to the pub leaving Herself The Mammy to look after her.  The Man Who Shouts was gone to feed dandelions to the pigs.  Zara needed to go to the loo and was brought out on a lead, she runs after the chickens otherwise.  I went over to her to have a sniff but she got excited and decided to chase me. Herself the Mammy pulled her back but she got out of her lead and ran after me.  I had fun and ran up a tree...she was pissed she couldn't climed up after me.   Herself the Mammy knew I could get away so tried to round up the rest of the animals.  She got little Simba into the house and was starting on the hens who started to cluck and attracted Zara's attention and off she set after them.  Marigold flew off around the people house, Sperenza got into the hen house, but poor Lady Lavery got caught by Zara.  She pinned her down on the ground and went to get a bite from her wing.  Herself The Mammy jumped onto Zara and got Lady Lavery out of her mouth and into the hen house.  Then she had to catch Zara again, got her collar and lead on and held onto the collar and dragged her into the people house.

Phew....nope, it got worse.

Little Simba was still in the people house.  Zara lay down on the floor and Herself The Mammy went to get Simba.  Sensing more excitment Zara jumped about, Simba seen her and shot up the stairs and Zara followed.  Herself The Mammy followed and Miss Skinny Long Legs who was sick in bed came out and got upset.  Herself The Mammy managed to pick Simba up but Zara kept jumping up to get him. Simba got frightened and dug her claws into Herself The Mammy's bare arm and the also bit her twice. Screaming she put her foot out to keep Zara away and Zara fell down the stairs.  Bleeding and sore Herself The Mammy finally got Simba out and checked Zara was OK. Miss Skinny Long Legs who was very sick was now also very upset and concerned for all the animals and went to check on them all.  The Man Who Shouts came home then and brought Herself The Mammy to wash her arm and cover it with disinfectant gel, he wanted her to go and get a tetanus shot but she decided wine would work better. 

The the other people came home to hear what had happened and Zara got a good telling off. They need more fences here but no one has the money to buy any right now.  Herself the Mammy was going to make a new doggy bed for Zara but I expect that will be left undone now.

It's a mad house here at times but we don't normally get injuries.

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