Monday, May 21, 2012

Sperenza: No more animals please

So, here we are in OUR garden. She puts us here, gives us the run of the place, I accept my role as garden queen and then she keeps moving more animals in.  We had the 3 cats anyway, but I can handle them...and Marigold and Simba think they are brother and sister. Then she moved in the big fluffy grey monster ...who is another LADY (called Zara) many women do you think can live together.  Now she is talking about more of us and all because of a visit to her neighbours. 

The other day Herself the Mammy came home from town saying Her next Door has asked her in to see the babies, what babies I wondered.  So that evening Herself the Mammy and Miss Skinny Long Legs headed off.  Well I wanted to know what she was doing so I rounded up all the ladies and Simba sorted the cats and off we followed them.  Unfortunately we got caught and Miss Skinny Long Legs brought us home...well she offered us food, it would be rude to refuse.

It was a pity as we know next door has lots of hens and a very fine cockeral, we hear him each morning and it would have been exciting to meet him...if you know what I mean...who wants to be a single lady all their life?

When they came back the were oowing and ahhing about baby chicks, day old chicks.  Whats so cute about a chick, they don't even have proper feathers or wonderful combs like I do...and maybe the other two ladies aswell but not as fine as mine obviously.

Then they started talking about hen chicks and  duck chicks and new houses and fences and christmas dinner...were is all of this going?

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