Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oink Oink!!!

Well hello blogger world, nice to meet you.  I am Pixie and I live here with my brother Pinkie.  We are very fussy about where we live so don't actually live in the garden of Herself the Mammy but up the road on Dave's farm. She comes up to feed us sometimes with a bucket of vegetable scraps from the kitchen and the garden.  Also feeding us is The boy-man and sometimes his girlfriend, by the way we are starving get up here quick.  We live with our other brother and sister and we share a barn and a whole pile of muck.  Well it wasn't a whole pile of muck when we moved in but we redecorated when we got here.  I love to eat carrots and potatoes and shoes, Pinkie will eat anything.

Pinkie and Pixie together on left digging for food

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