Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sperenza: We moved

Yep, we have moved and now we are in a much more up and coming area, much more suitable to a lady of my station.  Herself the Mammy and Miss Skinny Long Legs huffed and puffed and dragged the house to the front of the garden and it is now sitting in the orchard.  We followed on...except Marigold who always has to be different.  She was carried to bed in the middle of the night by Herself the Mammy and Kat with Two Legs.  She was pretty shaken up when she woke up this morning, ranting on about axe murderers and chicken nuggets.  Anyway along with the move the food seems to have improved.  Herself the Mammy gives us organic layers pellets but also has some goodies for us from a bucket.  She also has a bucket for the cats and another bucket, I can't read what is says I wonder who it is for.

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