Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sperenza: The grey fluffy monster.

Living in the orchard, dining with Simba
We have now settled into our new house, now we are all the single ladies living in the orchard of herself the Mammy.  As an address I do feel it is more upmarket than the back of the garden.  We are beside the stream and the bridge and get to see people go by each's great to be admired and this is what I was brought up to.  Marigold is still a bit unsure and wanders back to the back of the garden each day...good for us as it gives us a break from her...I mean compared to us she is a commoner and we should be applauded for tolerating her.
We had a daily routine, we wake up at sunrise and let ourselves out and wander about the garden looking for slugs.  Marigold runs off to play with Simba and us two wander into the stream for a drink and then head off for a dust bath. At about 8am Herself the Mammy comes out with organic layers pellets for us, she locks us into the hen run to eat them and then goes and feeds the cats.  She is back at 9am (still in her pyjamas and a pair of wellies, somebody needs to talk to her about her dress sense) with a bucket of scraps for us and another for the cats...we found out the third bucket is for Pinkie and Pixie the pigs on Dave's farm. She collects the eggs and gives us some fresh bedding. Life was good and we were ticking by...but by now we should know that when we get comfortable things here change.

So the other day Herself the Mammy came out with our food...and is she bloody mad, along with her was a fluffy grey monster. It was attached to her some way but still ran and tried to chase us.  Does she not realise that we are still traumatised from losing our dear friend the countess to a similar monster...a red hairy one, oh and Honeysuckle aswell.  So we squawked and ran and flew and the more we tried to get away the more the monster yelped and tried to get us. Herself the Mammy was yelling "Sit Zara, sit Zara"  that will do no good, she needs to shoot the monster.  I flew off to the top of our house and think I will stay here all day.

The grey fluffy monster

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