Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zara: A long walk

I'm Zara, and I'm a female husky puppy and I live with Herself the Mammy. I'm only new here so getting to know everyone. Now you mightn't know it but Herself the Mammy is terrified of dogs and all other I see it as my job to help her like me and all my doggy friends.  To do this I jump on her and lick her all the time to show her how much I love her...she doesn't seem as happy with this as I thought she would.  My Daddy is Him the Boy-Man and Sometimes his Girlfriend.  I sleep on his bed and sometimes he brings me to work..and sometimes he brings me to Kat with Two Legs for the day and sometimes he leaves me with Herself the Mammy.  She brings me for long long walks.

I have had a lovely day today.  I got a new bone and had a great chew on it, then I put it under the table so I can find it later.  Herself the Mammy brought me to town today and I had a great time.  I drank from loads of puddles and we went to the market.  I like that as I meet loads of people and get loads of cuddles. She was talking to The Man with Meat, but stayed too long so I moved her on.  Then I met The Girl That Likes Me...and she brought me for a walk while Herself the Mammy stayed and nattered...I often wonder what she finds to talk abou...humans!!!

After that we came home, had some food and off we went again.  Herself the Mammy rattled the chain and out we went for a walk to the big water.   It's a long bit away and I get to smell loads of interesting things along the road.  Sometimes I get to make new doggy friends along the way.  We walk along the road and the noisey things on wheels go by but they always slow down and say hello to me.  We got to the big water and I had great fun, I run into the water, catch it in my mouth and run out again.

Then we went to the boats to run around, I tried to run fast but kept skidding and almost going into the big water.

Then I got to the big boat field to have a run around and play with my ball.  I had a great time and then we had the long walk back home.  I did my best to make Herself the Mammy exhausted so she would sleep for a long time and be happy...I even helped her buy sitting on her feet and giving her a cuddle.

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